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Shoulder pillow toy tool that vibrates around the jawline and shoulder joints for kids that need proprioceptive stimulations. Vibillow also offers tactile, visual and a perfect vibration level. It comes with add-ons that also have a variety of adjustable weights, sizes and colour options.

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How can we satisfy the kid’s needs for specific sensory stimulation through designing a toy?    

Initial Steps

Based on our initial research, our group have found that sensory toys, stimulation and repetition are really important for kids with special needs. 

Upon observation, we have noticed that one of the pupils had a vibrating toy against her ear all the time which relaxed her and that she often needed re-assurance from her assistant through tactile stimulations. The design solution is situated during snack and lesson time and the time frame is around 30-45 minutes

Journey Map

No zippers handle: to avoid pupil 1 from opening the inside of the Vibillow (because of their little fine motor skills), while still making it possible for teachers to have access. 

Vibrator pockets: adding pockets to accurately place the vibrators close to the jawline, without constant repositioning. 

Cotton Pockets: Vibillow includes another layer of cotton filling for safer use, in case pupil 1 is able to get through the inside of Vibillow

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