Tawadrous, Liza's Portfolio


Extension to cooking pot handles that helps spread pressure away from finger joints and towards wrist bones.


I started by conducting a research where participants where asked to videotape themselves attempting to carry a pot with one hand, which is mandatory for many people with poor hand mobility.

20 people participated in this research 


Pots are heavy and designed to put pressure solely on fingers and wrist.
For persons with poor hand mobility, this is almost impossible.
I focused this project specifically on patients in their early stages of the disease, where nerve cells break down partially, causing loss of movement which progresses and worsens over time. 
This is a vulnerable period where patients are still transitioning and accepting their situation. 

After talking to occupational therapists, watching hacks videos online, and running user-testing it was clear that cooking utensils are lacking a non-dominant perspective. Which led me into two directions: an empathy tool and an adaptive tool.

Empathy tool glove

I designed a specialized glove that is designed for designers. It measures restrictions and flexibility of a person with poor hand mobility. The gloves are indented to imitate the movement of a disabled person to allow a designer to have a better understanding of the limitations.

Using this glove during prototyping, I was able to instantly user test concepts and work on improvements immediately. 

Initial Prototypes

Using Format