Tawadrous, Liza's Portfolio


This project aims to bring awareness and innovative solutions to textile waste, while using simple creative methods to foster creativity within communities. 

Braceletö is a bracelet which can be interlaced with unlimited pieces of fabric. The goal is to recycle old clothes and fabrics and use them as accessories. 

Five designers travelled to India to work a alongside women of Zari. The women use creativity and taught skills to embellish the designs that are familiar to them. By introducing organic and natural - high quality fabric and screen printing, we were able to transform these prints into products.

After spending time reflecting on my experience in India, I was asked to examine what I learned and how it will influence my own practice as a designer. I was to develop a new piece of work that sets the stage for the next phase in my development as a designer. 

After looking through photos sketchbooks, souvenirs and mementos collected, as well as blog posts, I was drawn to the creativity crafted due to the lack of scarcity. I stumbled across many examples of how design is not about using expensive, luxurious resources but simply using existing ones to unravel a problem.  

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